Psychosocial Support (PSS) is a key part of the interventions employed during humanitarian crises – whether they are due to conflicts, natural disasters or any other cause. I have offered PSS during a number of different missions, working with the NGO, Israid, in Dominica, Porta Rico following Hurricane Maria and in Kerala (India) following severe floods. 

During these missions, I trained professionals and volunteers from within the effected communities about how to cope with the trauma that the humanitarian crises elicited in their community. For example, this took the form of teaching about therapeutic art methods that can be used in children’s centres in Dominica. 

My account of my missions was published in the NHS Homerton website, titled “Hurricane Maria – Miri’s Response” and I have also lectured about my experiences, naming these lectures “Beauty and the Beast – Response to Humanitarian Crises Following Natural Disaster”

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