Organisational consulting is an important tool for every organisation that wants to improve its overall effectiveness and its employees’ motivation and leadership.

During my 15 years of experience as an organisational consultant, I have helped senior executives and managers develop their leadership skills and improve their personal effectiveness. Further, I have guided executives and managers through career and role changes within their organisation. As a result of these coaching sessions, managers and executives have been found to implement high performance culture within their organisation, and in doing so, improve the organisation’s overall efficiency. For example, these sessions have been found to result in quantifiable improvements in performance observed through reduced withdrawal behavioural such as turnover and absenteeism rates.

Moreover, as both a Clinical Psychologist and organisational consultant, I am able to understand employees’ behaviours and motivations in an in-depth way, whilst also having a holistic view relating to the organisation and its needs. This has proven to be imperative for my work with both large organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Miele and Johnson & Johnson, and smaller organisations such as private equity firms.

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