Unprecedented times lead to unprecedented emotions. During a global pandemic, the anxiety around our own health and the health of our loved ones, as well the huge changes to our life routine and habits, evoke a sense of uncertainty and loss of control.

Therefore, these times require all of us to be more acutely aware of our mental well-being and for many, this includes reaching out for additional emotional and psychological support. Moreover, this global crisis also presents an opportunity for us all to take time to reflect on our lives and explore what we may need to let go of and what we cherish and want to hold onto.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I offer a safe place to explore these newly arisen emotions and possible dilemmas and support you in your journey of healing. This can take place in the form of online individual therapy, couples therapy or parent consultations. Please refer to my ‘Services’ page to read in more detail about each of these options and reach out using the ‘Contact’ page or via my email/mobile to explore with me how I can best support you.

Lastly, please remember, you are not broken, you are human.

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